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Return and Privacy Policy

1) Returns Policy:

Blackest Smoke offer 100% immediate money back guarantee should in case a customer did not get his/her package. If the package was not delivered due to our error, we will resend or give you a refund depending on how you want it. If it just gets “lost in the mail” then we will reship. If you package gets lost during delivery, Blackest Smoke will issue you a full refund of your money or reship you a brand new package for free with extra grams as compensation of your time wasted during the period you placed and completed your order.

The decision of getting your money back or reship a brand new package is solely taken by the customer. That is to say, the customer will be the one to decide if he or she wants his or her money back or wants us to ship a brand new package. 

2) Privacy Policy:

Blackest Smoke number one priority is to secure her customers in such a way that, the customer itself will feel much more secure and relax whenever the customer wants to place an order with us and perhaps come back for more order and also bring us more customers thereby maintaining and good and long lasting business relationship with us.

Blackest Smoke keeps their customers details private. Our customers delivery details are never shared with any customer in anyway no matter the circumstances. Blackest Smoke does not share it customers tracking code number to any other customer except to the rightful owner of the delivery.